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Getweb123 commenced business due to the lack of affordable web services.

We are about providing an honest and workable solution to effective internet presence.

Whether you want to show-off your business or need to do serious online marketing, use our service.

If you want a website built on the solid foundation of Internet Marketing, we have the best package.

About Low Cost Web Design

You may find my approach totally different to the traditional Web Designers on the internet……

This is because as Internet Marketers, my website/s must work for me and for my Clients, and serve a marketing purpose, rather than just nice to have.  But hey its OK, if you simply want a nice-to-have website

For starters full flash designs are not recommended if you are serious about getting your site ranked well and avoiding a multiple of issues with mobile searches. I do not recommend Full Flash websites for business…….. Period

On some of our our websites we do incorporate limited flash in the headers.

SEO and Internet Marketing Strategies should adhere to the following objectives when it comes to developing any web site:

  • To follow sound and current SEO practices when we build client sites, that will result in good site rankings with the search engines
  • To use the most trusted and proven CMS web development platform, like WordPress.
  • To focus on “Functionality” and user-friendly web design. 
  • To ensure that the site meets the purpose for which it was built.
With a number of ranked (and PR) sites, I know what it takes to get that valued free traffic.
That means being on page 1 of a search result for your chosen and optimized keywords.
Our primary objective is to make you visible where our customers are……..
If you require an affordable website design that will not only be pleasing to the eye, but also do well in search results, then you need to consider our all-in-one and all-inclusive web package.

About Low Cost Web Design