website design faq imageOn this Website Design FAQ Page, you can access all the information that most prospective website design owners normally ask me about the web design package.

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As Full Time Internet Marketing Specialist, I build high-quality business websites that are mobile responsive for a fraction of what others charge. Our goal is to provide you with the whole Enchilada and put the power of the Internet to work for your business.

You have the benefit of my vast array of specialist tools and experience that comes part and parcel with making your website a success.

We can include a FAQ script on your website. It serves a very useful purpose to inform potential clients regarding “Frequently Asked Questions” about your Services or Products!


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How Much Does Your Website Design Cost

Our website design costs R995, Once off and All-Inclusive with no monthly cost or charges

What Does The Website Design Package Include

Our website design includes the whole enchilala (everything)
  • Domain name
  • 12 months hosting
  • Mobile Responsive Website Design - Customized for your business
  • We build and create the site for you
  • Free built-in ecommerce facility
  • Free built-in image slider feature.
  • Built-in blogging feature as we build our sites as an CMS.
  • x 10,  web based email accounts
  • No page Limits
  • Free keyword research done for you to best optimize your content to your target audience.
  • Free support, we maintain security, core updates and back-up's
  • Ability to self edit if you wish to do so

What Happens After 12 Months

Every person or business that has registered a domain has to renew the domain annually. Obviously we do it on your behalf.
  • Domain renewal in South Africa is R150 p.a
  • Our Hosting renewal is R320 p.a
  • Both these annual charges are payable upfront every 12 months.
  • No charge for continued support.

How long Does Your Website Design Take

Domain propogations takes 24-48 hours before the domain can be accessed and work can commence.Then it really all depends how quickly or how soon you can provide the page content.Normally, it should take no longer than 4-5 days to have the website up and complete with: Home page, About and Contact Page.Obviously, as you provide more info about your product or services, we will update your website within 24-36 hours with this information.

Do You Re-Design Existing Websites

Yes. The cost is exactly the same. As there is slightly more initial web admin processes involved, a one-time charge of R180 is added to the cost of R995, for domain transfer or updates.