How To Start a Business

Many people ponder the question: How to start a business? or Google: How to start your own business?

Working from home is certainly the ideal situation many people desire when considering how to start a business!

The fact is that working from home or establishing a home based business is not rocket science, nor expensive or even difficult.

All it takes is to decide on your niche (interest), planning, loads of determination and perseverance.

But beware; starting your own business or working from home does require discipline and effort: no boss to look over your shoulder, so persistence is a must.

How to Start a Business. Benefits

The image below says it all!

benefits_working_at_home-how to start your own business image

In this day and age of the internet, you have to be aware that people will in all likelyhood turn to the internet to find information or a product and if you are not present online, your potential customers will not find you.

We do not have realiable statistics of people earning their living from a home office in South Africa. The image below shows USA stats.

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Many business analysts agree that with the internet and its proven potential for business makes it easier to connect with potential business.

This implies that your business should have a niche-focused and have mobile responsive website as the primary means to showcase your product or service.
This actually a “no-brainer” as this will cost you less than R1000, no monthly expenses and full and free support.

momobile responsive design when starting a business

Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME’s) contribute around 40% of South Africa’s gross domestic product. Economics predict that more than 80% of all new jobs will be created by SSME’s and this is a global trend, including South Africa.

Starting a home-based business is fast becoming a trend in South Africa, rather than the exception and this includes highly qualified and professional people.

Honestly, it does not matter whether you are school-leaver, a stay-at-home mom, pensioner or even disabled, anyone can start their own business at home and succeed.

In deciding on what business to start,  or how to start a business, look at you passion, interest or skills. It is much easier to get going if you are familiar with your intended product or service.

The basic steps involved in starting a business should include:

How to Start Your Own Business: Business plan

Put your ideas on paper. Brainstorm ideas and even discuss it with family members or close friends. Not everyone will always agree. Do not be put off by negative attitudes.

  • Your plan or notes should include the:

And then the all important 4P’s
the-marketing-mix-or-4ps imageProduct
Products are the goods and/or service that your business aims to provide to your target market. When developing a physical product you should also consider quality, design, features, packaging, customer service and any subsequent after-sales service.

Research and query Google as to what people are searching for in your niche. Use one of the many free online “keyword-research” tools like Wordstream.

Your keyword may be wedding ideas, birthday cakes, kiddies parties, copy writing, translation service, home improvement, etc.

The Wordstream keyword search tool has a built in free keyword search volume tool; the relative volume is their estimate of how often particular keyword phrases are searched on. The higher a keyword’s relative volume, the more frequently that keyword is searched and that is what you want.

This is an aspect we include in our Low Cost Web Design package, as we use paid tools like Market Samurai to determine the best keywords to use on your mobile friendly website

Place refers to distribution, location and methods of getting the product/servive to the customer. This includes the location of your business, shop front, distributors, logistics and the potential use of the internet to sell products directly to consumers. With a product or service, your website platform becomes an integral part of doing business and effecting delivery.

Price is the amount of money that your customers must pay in order to purchase your product or service. There are a number of considerations in relation to price including price setting, discounting, credit and cash purchases as well as credit collection if you are considering this option.

With our website designs, we are able to include ecommerce features and collecting money online.

This aspect refers to the act/process of communicating the benefits and value of your product/service to your target audience. It then involves persuading general consumers to become customers of your business using methods such as Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, direct marketing, personal selling and sales promotion.

This is where website content is very important and should speak to the needs of potential customers. Your website is a marketing tool that is on duty 24/7 and works for your business, even if you are asleep.

How To Start Your Own Business- Popular niches or areas suited to home based business:

1. Copy writing – this is the ideal work from home job for those who have a good command of the English language.
2. Marketing & Advertising. With some creative skills you could design flyers, business cards and marketing items.
3. Affiliate Marketing: Promoting a downloadable product someone else created. There are thousands of products ranging from Self Development to Business Coaching.
4. Building on skill set or interest. This is huge and can be anything from catering service, commercial cleaning service, woodworking or a car mechanic.

start your own business as pool cleaner image

There is hardly a product or service that cannot be found or sold on the Internet.


When considering how to start a business or how to start your own business, do not fall into the trap of re-inventing the wheel. Follow the principle of kis: Keep it simple and and avoid “over-thinking” your business concept. Research your niche and see what other are doing.

Contact us and find out how our service can help you start your own business at a very low cost.

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