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Deciding on the right look and feel for your business is important

  • This is just as relevant when it comes to commissioning your business website.
  • Would you like a demo website  before you commit?
  • Contact me now to discover what your professional online image will look like. An image to be proud of! 
  • We make sure that the look and feel of your website appeals to the nature of your business and is mobile friendly.
  • Get the total package! Why pay for add-on’s latter when you can get the full enchila NOW!
  • We use the most current technology – Responsive Website Design

After all, it is a customer’s first contact with your business. While substance is more important than form, the look of a web design does make a difference to the site visitor, even if it is only for 2 seconds.

Within 5-10 seconds site visitors need to know that their search result has brought them to the right site.

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The decision as to what the site should portray, is very much based on:

  • The industry the client operates in
  • Any specific customer requirements
  • In plain terms, What your business does”
  • Objectives the prospective site owner may have

As part of our ethical commitment, we do not accept a commission from a second client from the same area or town that targets the same market.

Here is an practical example. Personal Trainer Joe from Benoni competes with “XYZ Gym”, also from Benoni.

We will not accept a commission from “XYZ Gym”.

Most web developers subscribe to this practice as it will undermine existing clients ranking and visibility. Having said this, most web designers still ask clients “have you seen a site you like” This helps to determine what a customers wants (not always good or recommended)

However when considering competition, we look at what our research tools tell us in terms of what keywords the Competition is targeting.

The market segment is very much defined by what online searchers want and our recommended target keywords.

Enough babble, if you have more questions or concerns about our low cost web design package, use the “contact us” button.

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