Affordable Website Design What You Get

Did You Know That Today You Need More Than Just a Single Website?


  1. Owning a beautiful web site is not just about a site.
  2. Internet presence today requires many different components to ensure that you will actually derive any benefit from your website.
  3. Would you like a demo website before you commit? Contact me now to discover what your professional online image will look like. An image to be proud of! 
  4. We make sure that the look and feel of your website appeals to the nature of your business and is mobile friendly.
  5. Get the total package! Why pay for add-on’s latter when you can get the full enchila NOW!

Here at we include only current and relevant internet technology combined with Internet Marketing Experience to offer you the best value you can ever hope to own.

  • We build an online web-asset.

The best way to illutrate this, is with a real life case study of a business website.

Hurwitz Higgs Is a Johannesburg Based Law Firm that owned a static since Jan 2011.

The website obviously did not yield any results and never ranked for any keyword.

They aproached us at the end of September 2012 to take over the website.

This is the value they received.;

Keyword Research

screeen hurwitzhiggs keyword research image

Unfortunately Most people belive that you build a site and people will find your business.

Yes it is true if they know your business name.

However people search online using keywords like Court Lawyer, Contract  Attorneys or Labour Attorneys Johannesburg ,etc.

Our affrodable website design package includes finding the right target keywords for your website. Without the right keywords, your website is invisible to people searching for your  service or product


Build a Professional website

screen hurwitzhiggs image

When a visitor reaches your website, the image and appearance that greets them should be business niche focussed, professional, fast loading, easy to navigate and easy to get hold of your business. Slider and images to draw their attention.

We produce a technically SEO compliant and appealing sound website.

All our web designs are CMS based and includes a blogging feature you can use or simply not use.

For those businesses that want to self-edit, no problem as we use a user friendly interface making self  management a breeze. We offer unlimited and full support should you choose not to self edit. 


We Build a Mobile Version of your website

screen hurwitzhiggs mobile image

Consider that by 2014 virtually all internet searches will be via a mobile device.

Less than 28% of South African Business sites are mobile friendly.

Do you want to lose customers because they cannot see your website properly on their mobile?

Our package includes a powerful mobile friendly version of your website.

We include easy click to call and Google Maps on the mobile website creating a pleasant user experience and more business.

There is no page limit on a mobile website. Visit this link from your mobile now. 


Business QR Code

hires_qrcode hurwitz higgs


QR Codes make it very easy and convenient for your customers to instantly store your business information on their mobile.

Most smart phones today have the ability to instamtly scan your QR Code.

The ideal place to position your QR Code is on your product packaging, business cards and obviously your website.

Now any potential customers does not need to go and find pen and paper to write down your contact details.

The major advantage of a QR Code:  it is non obstrusive on a mobile and unless specifically removed, remains on your customers mobile device.

If your business is not making use of QR Codes, you are losing out.

We create a professional mobile site behind the QR Code.

Your Own Free Native Business App

screen native business app image

Unless you have been living under a rock, and have a mobile device that dates back 10 years, all mobile devices today are sold with mobile apps pre-load. Popular apps include   Games,Maps and navigation apps.

Apps add functionality to a mobile device.

Now, imagine your own app icon sitting on a customers mobile screen? Powerful stuff.

You can also use the free app we build for your business to sell online.

Apps are built like mini mobile sites and can be updated and the content can be changed.

Your App download link appears on your website and now the potential customer does not have to bookmark or remember your site. They download your App.

Mobile Apps have emerged as a way for any business to engage their customers beyond the  website or social media.


Create vital Social Footprints

social presence image

Social networks like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become important marketing tools.

Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn offer the facility to create a business page and engage with potential customers.

Or package includes the creation of  important presence at these sites.

Today search engines also afford a lot of weight and avalue to Social Activity.

Social is weher most potential customers are hanging out and it does not matter whether you are a business-to-business or business-to-consumer enterprise.

Click the image to the left to view the + G account of Hurwitz Higgs.


Our amazing service does not end there. Your package includes a free domain, unlimited support and 12 months hosting.

So before you get carried away with a web design package that cost peanuts, it may only be useful to internet monkeys.

Call us today for a free consultaion.

We also redesign and re-commission websites.

Affordable Website Design What You Get