Web Site Terms

Terms Off Supply:

  1. The hosting package comprises 70meg disc space, unlimited bandwidth, 15 e-mail accounts, 1 domain name registered.
  2. Develop a Business Web Site plus integrated Mobile Site or mobile responsive design based on information supplied by client.
  3. After set-up by GetWeb123.com, the client will be given the access information to the website dashboard, as well as web-mail to change, add, manage any e-mail accounts, and change re-directs or autoresponder message or add change website posts or pages.
  4. While the Client is a liberty to create new users access accounts on the back-end settings, the primary Admin user set-up by Getweb123.com, may not be altered or deleted for security reasons.
  5. The client holds copyright as to the unique content supplied which implies the text and any image material pertaining to the business, such as photos.
  6. The client will be entitled to free full content management support, using e-mail requests during the first 360 days after commission. eCommerce  website designs are excluded and will require a separate agreement based on client requirements
  7. The date of commission will be determined by the date of the email sent from getweb123.com to the Client to the effect that the site is now fully functional and publically operational.
  8. Getweb123.com will place the client supplied textual and image material on the appropriate pages
  9. The client must supply the required material for the textual content, in a typed format and all image material in digital format
  10. The client does not have any copyright or ownership as to the design concept, ,theme or domain but will enjoy unfettered use and may affect modification and or change of the design at any time.
  11. The Client may not sell the theme or website used by getweb123.com, save for conditions listed (11)
  12. Any change in ownership of the business resulting change of primary owner information or location, must be communicated to Getweb123.com.  In the event of a registered business such as a Close Corporation or (Proprietary) Limited, it is the responsibility of the responsible person to advise Getweb123.com to that effect. In the event of a sole proprietor or partnership enterprise the selling owner should advise Getwem123.com to that effect and provide the Getweb123.com with the full names and business address of the new owners in order to comply with RICA (SEE BELOW). A transfer fee of R350 is payable within 7 days, irrespective of date at which the hosting and domain is renewable. The new business or partners will be responsible for such payment. Failure to comply with the requirements and or payment will result in deletion of the website.
  13. The client is at liberty to arrange their own hosting service after 6 months and submit a request that the Registrar transferred the domain into their name. A fee of R350 is payable before the domain will be released for transfer.
  14. The client warrants that the material supplied is original, their own idea and concept.
  15. The client understands that it is an offence to copy, duplicate or makes use of third party material found on public domain on the internet, without permission or acknowledgement of source as prescribed by author/owner of material
  16. Any civil liability that may arise from the misconduct of a client will be limited to the amount of R1000.
  17. The client warrants that the information supplied on payment is true and correct, and any intentional discrepancy or misrepresentation may result in suspension of the website service.
  18. The client acknowledges that the website may be deleted when repeated incidents of spam is raised against the e-mail associated with the website.
  19. The client acknowledges that the website service may not be used for promoting the sale of war munitions, banned substances, publishing hate speech or for use as a pornographic site.
  20. Getweb123.com reserves the right of refusal to publish a website, and will return the full amount paid (less fixed upfront cost associated with domain registration and hosting feed) within 30 days via the designated financial service provider.
  21. Should copy typing be required, Getweb123.com will issue a quotation to the effect.
  22. The required keywords decided on in conjunction with the client, will be used to develop the target market of the Client Website.
  23. Getweb123.com makes no claim or warranty or guarantee as to SEO ranking of the designed website
  24. The client recognizes that any SEO submissions are not free of charge, save for the 1st 2 submissions
  25. The client recognizes that domain re-registration and hosting fees are required after 12 months, should the client wish to continue using the domain name and website.

The client herein, refers to the person who appears on the payment information during payment procedure

Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-related Information Act 70 of 2002 (“RICA”) which sets out a lawful intercept regime and details the obligations of electronic communications service providers in co-operating with law enforcement authorities and storage of traffic data

UPDATE /04/2012

Web Site Terms

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